Music Service

Our objective is to ensure your music reflects and complements your unique brand. We work with you to create customised music schedules ideally suited to your premises at all times, leaving you and your staff to focus on core business.

Single Zone package of up to 1,250 tracks

musical robotThe most popular for the majority of  venues. For those who need distinct music for more than one area e.g in a hotel lobby, bar and restaurant, we also have multi-zone packages.

Guaranteed Equipment and Helpdesk Support
 The Service could not be simpler to start. You will need:
1. Broadband Connection
2. PC
3. Amplifier and Speakers
4. Our Media Player Software

We can supply, guaranteed for the term of your subscription, refurbished PCs. We can also supply and install Amplifiers and Speakers – See our Audio-Visual Systems Page.

30 Day FREE TRIAL and Flexible Subscription Terms
We grant prospective customers 1 month’s free trial before needing to commit to contract terms starting at just 12 months.

Extensive Music Library
Our playlists are created from a substantial catalogue of superb music, including chart and non-chart tracks and a diverse mix of genre.

Regularly Updated Music
The library is also updated continually with new tracks each month to provide customers with the best of current music releases. Your package begins with an initial base of up to 1250 tracks, updated on a monthly basis.

Targeted Music Programming
We profile music for the ebb and flow of your business by a variety of criteria. Perhaps you want music for an older clientele, music of lower tempo at mealtimes, or music of a higher tempo for a gym or busy bar. We can accommodate any such permutations because music can be programmed by day, time, tempo, genre, era and much more.

Daily Shuffled Playlist
Playlists are shuffled automatically each day. We guarantee that you will never hear tracks in the same order from one day to next.

Seasonal and Themed Programming
Some clients request themed programming for Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc. We have a wide choice of seasonal and themed music when required.

Normalised Sound Levels
CDs you buy are recorded at differing volumes. When used in a business environment, those volume fluctuations can be extremely disruptive. Our system corrects the sound output to ensure sound is always at a consistent level.

Remotely Managed
Adsono create, update and manage your music schedule remotely with no onsite management and you also have the option of selecting and managing playlists when needed.