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In-Store Background Music


Engage Customers.

Online competition continues to make enticing customers into stores and malls a never-ending battle. Retail outlets are seeking methods to increase footfall, dwell time and encourage repeat visits.

Whether it is a purchased item or the in-store experience, every visit must engender an indelible connection with the customer.

Passionate About Your Music

Trust in Adsono’s expertise in providing branded music to ensure you have the right output at all times. Our passion drives us, every day, to create fantastic music profiles, perfect for retail shops and malls to help increase dwell times and sales.

We work with businesses local and multinational, whether you have a single site or multiple locations.

Legal For Business Use

Adsono’s music programmes are created by people not computer algorithms. Unlike the use of personal streaming services for commercial purposes, all our tracks are lawfully provided for business use.


Combine audio adverts with tailored music to create your own branded audio channel

Digital Signage

We schedule and manage your video content shown across your visual displays.


The service could not be simpler to deliver.  You can control the level of involvement so players can run in the background without staff interaction. Alternatively, access can be allowed, making it possible to insert approved playlists and tracks when a quick change of atmosphere is needed.


seasonal programming

Seasonal and other themed programming is easily scheduled to start and end automatically.

Additional Phone support for urgent assistance outside office hours.

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